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Facebook Post

Rakesh-Kadu Offline referral

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Hoe to get maximum reach on Facebook post? And how often it should be update?
Victor Dub Offline referral

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Posting Freak
Use popular hash tags and make sure the post contain valuable info do that users will like and share it.
jsam757 Away referral

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after posting your post at fb you may share or you may use paid service by fb.
umairee95 Offline referral

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Facebook is constantly updating its algorithm so that people spend more on ads. Facebook pages' reach has gone down significantly.
Trident Offline referral

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Invite more people to like your page. Post user oriented content. Join niche groups of your industry so that your post will get maximum reach.
Estherjuly Offline referral

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wanna do paid campaign you can easily reach. otherwise, create some funny GIF's or Video it may go viral, you can easily get in your audeince.
doankimchi2006 Offline referral

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You need to update (followup) your post frequently, it''s helpful and prevent ban from FB.
daica85 Offline referral

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There are some factors that affect to the post's reaches such as: the time of posting, the content of the post, the target and the image of the post. If your post has quality content and is viral enough, it will reach to many users. IMO
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gemstoneuniverse Offline referral

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Facebook post title , content and image , after posting you want share related groups also then only you getting more Likes and commends and traffic.
davidweb09 Offline referral

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You have to hashtag, quality image & promote it over groups to get max. likes & shares.
Janvi Offline referral

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Post an informative and unique content. Share your post in groups. Post on average time when most of the user's active. Use hashtag, post your content with images etc.
bangwinni Away referral

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(07-25-2017 09:01 AM)Rakesh-Kadu Wrote:  Hoe to get maximum reach on Facebook post? And how often it should be update?

Post catchy Title, image, use # relevant hash-tags, Share posts on groups, relevant communities, you can send limited direct message as well!
chinomoreno Offline referral

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You can boost your post and use helpful and appropriate hashtag on your posts. Put a short and precise description on it, and make sure you post an engaging content. It helps to keep your post on top of the newsfeed.

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