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Facebook blocked me for making friends.

antony Offline referral

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WTF, today I got a message from Facebook saying that i have been blocked from making more friends for a week. 001_scared That is crazy why Facebook is blocking me from making friend I thought Facebook was all about making friend????
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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This is because people you have sent friends request to clicked NO for the question that Facebook asked them "Do you know Antony"
josephgalindo Offline referral

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nice thread and it is more helpful for me...thanks
maya Offline referral

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This is crazy, then how Facebook expects us to make friends, of-course a person before becoming my friend didn't know me I mean it has to be changed. I know this is to prevent abuse but hey not his way, in stead of blocking people they should limit the number of friends request per day!!!
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If you keep sending to unknown people, it will happen like this. you can send a private text for them to add or send a friend request.

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