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Fastest way to get traffic for your online shop?

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"For me to build a shop is not difficult, find products, install a wordpress and an eCommerce plugin, then create product, repeat and repeat this step, all is done.
But the main problem is how to get more traffic to my online shop? what are the fastest ways? could you give me any suggestions?"
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If you sell some products on your website then PPC is an ideal choice for you.

You just have to plan right! There is a risk involved sure but it just the way marketing works baby!

Lets say whatever you sell costs 100$

Now your PPC Adwords marketing budget is 1000$.

Your CPC is lets say roughly 1$

This means you will get 1000 clicks.

Now out of 1000 clicks I bet 10 people for sure will purchase your product if the product you sell is what everybody is looking for and it's cheap.

It's called ppc conversion rate learn it.
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1. Send free samples to Instagram influencers
2. Reach out to bloggers and press
3. Post your store to reddit
4. Get friends and family to share

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