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Favorite sport

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raianju Offline referral

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I am Anju Rai from Delhi. i am working retails sector and Study in MBA. Today i join this forum and here its my first post.
Joel Offline referral

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Badminton is my favorite sport....
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cholekyt Offline referral

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Badminton & Volleyball
Kate96 Offline referral

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My favorite sports are hockey and soccer.
MaryJones Offline referral

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Cricket is my favorite sport.
mantishugo Offline referral

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Swimming is the single most sport which burn more calories than any other sport. So, I got to learn swimming anyhow.
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NadiaQuadri1 Offline referral

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Cricket. My most favourite sport.
prikk1504 Offline referral

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Football...I can watch football anytime.
00rencast Offline referral

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Badminton. and... yeah, just Badminton. Lol
ltfsolution Offline referral

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playing and watching cricket.
SEO-Jay Offline referral

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Football - soccer. Not American Football!

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