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Forth dimension and how the universe works!

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Forth dimension and the secret of our universe by Victor Dub.

There are many theories claiming to have the answer to the question how the universe works, my theory is probably one of those and I am not claiming that my theory is correct, the only thing I am sure of is that if you think about it, it makes sense!

Before I begin explaining about what the universe is and how in my mind it works first let me explain what the forth dimension is.

We are all familiar with the fact that there are 3 dimensions that make the movement in space in all direction possible, however according to my calculation 4th dimension is the force that keeps these 3 dimensions together!

Every time 3 dimensions are present there has to be a forth dimension to keep those 3 dimensions together. Here on earth we have 3 dimensions and the forth dimensions is the earth itself that keeps them together, in other words the forth dimension has to be in the form of a globe. The forth dimension has to have this globe form because it has to contain 3 dimensions that are spreading out in all directions simultaneously!

Now that I have explained what the forth dimension is it's easy to see how the universe works. From the Hubble images we can see that in the universe all the galaxies and everything is speeding out in all directions in all 3 dimensions and as I have already explained if 3 dimensions are present there has to be forth dimension, and if the forth dimension is present then our universe has to have the form of a globe!

I believe our universe is a globe and its filled with something I will call black-matter, this black-matter pushed down on everything that is inside our universe (4th dimension) pretty much acting the same way as water pushing down on the submarine, trying to compress an object down to a single point, because the pressure force is applied from all directions.

This explains why the galaxies have this disk like appearance! For now I can't imagine what the black-hall is so I am not going to talk about it.

I believe that all the galaxies are squeezed down by the black-matter and they have this disk like appearance because of the centrifugal force that is caused by the black-hall spinning the galaxy around, this also explains why galaxies don't have vertical formations.

Now lets take a look at the solar system where we have all kinds of round bodies that suppose to be flat according to my theory right? Yes, I can explain why inside solar system stars planets moons atc. are round and are not flat!

Unlike galaxy that is only affected by the black-hall, inside the solar system all the objects are affecting each other and that makes them to spin in different directions, acting the same way as water acts upon the stone which at first has rough surface and doesn't have round appearance but with time water will polish it and make it round, the same happens to stars planets moons atc. inside the solar system! Due to direct and non direct influence of celestial bodies on each other all of them are spinning differently and black-matter that surrounds them acts as water polishing them and making them round.

The black-matter still pushes down from all direction upon the objects inside the galaxy but with a bit less force and that allows stars to exist, where we have fusion pushing out and black-matter pushed down, also this explains why planets have dense cores.

My theory is based on imagination and on a few scientific facts!
Written on 15/09/2013
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WOW that is heavy! How did you come up with this theory?
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Did you come up with that yourself or just rewrote somebodies article? I am asking because it sounds very complicated
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Well to tell the truth it does really make sense? Maybe your theory is correct! Have you tried to show it to someone who deals with this stuff like SETI institute maybe?
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One night when I went to bed this idea just popped in my mind, at first I ignored it but then realized it was getting more and more detailed so I decided to post it!
And yes I have contacted the SETI institute, they will probably LOL
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Pretty interesting idea! Do you know that most of the big discoveries and theories were made exact the same way! Human imagination is awesome and if you let it do its thing it will result in wonderful achievements. The nature holds the answer to most of the questions related to cosmos the way it was made and how it work all you have to do is open your ayes and listen better!
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They say everything is made out of small particles called atoms but what atoms are made of and then what stuff that atoms are made from is made of I mean it's like crazy!

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