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From where to learn advanced SEO ?

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I know the basics of seo, now i want to learn advance seo. I want learn tricks in it.
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You can simply follow or subscribe sites like seomoz, search engine watch, search engine journal, or follow famous bloggers like neil patel.

Or try to learn from Google about Digital Marketing tips and latest trends, and practice it out on different projects.
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Searchengineland and SEroundtable reputable blog sites will do for newbie and advanced SEO learner.
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So you should follow backlinko.
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Various tools are available in the market that offers complete demo about SEO. Blogs from Neil Patel are useful to learn SEO.
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Complete an SEO Audit on your website. Learn what your users want. Create SEO optimized landing pages. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Grow your traffic with infographics. Optimize your content for RankBrain. Write at least 1,890 words. Write a roundup post.
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First understand basic SEO like how Google crawl any website, how they index it with rich snippet and knowledge graph and how they rank it any webpage.

For advance SEO I suggest seobythesea website.
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Snap a segment beneath to be taken appropriate to it.

Finish a SEO Audit on your site.

Realize what your clients need.

Make SEO advanced greeting pages.

Ensure your site is portable well disposed.

Develop your activity with infographics.

Enhance your substance for RankBrain.

Compose no less than 1,890 words.

Compose a gathering post.

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