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Hi every one, I’m also practicing seo right now and can you help me how can I be productive for all off-page optimization submissions?
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The most important thing to remember when doing off-site optimization is to stay away for web directories, paid backlinks and any websites that are involved in links exchange! Now Google pays more attention to your site content so I would rather dedicate more time on optimizing the site post more content fixing HTML errors and decreasing site load time. But eventually you'll need to get a few backlinks so I recommend you to use onlywire.com or create an account on as many popular social media sites as you can and every time you post a new content just share the link on all of them!
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One of the best way to get free traffic and backlinks is through blog posting or forum posting! Actually forum posting is much better as they usually get crawled more often and get lot of traffic!

What is your niche? What keywords are you targeting?????
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beside blog posting and forum posting you may develop your content . Now a days webmasters say content is king for SEO
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Creating Shareable Content. ...
Influencer Outreach. ...
Contribute as Guest Author. ...
Social Media Engagement. ...
Social Bookmarking Sites. ...
Forum Submission. ...
Blog Directory Submission. ...
Article Submission
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The best off-page SEO techniques to rank your website high in the search engine results page. The off-page SEO techniques are as follows:-
1) Forum Discussion.
2) Guest Posting.
3) Blog Commenting.
4) Classified
5) Business Listing
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You can practice seo to your own website or blog. ... Internal links: This is the benefit when you good ranking on google. google also consider internal links.

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