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hi frieand
I am new to seo and forum i have a website need to seo can you help me about seo
Victor Dub Offline referral

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What you website is about I mean your niche or what keywords do you target?
chetanbali17 Offline referral

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joyislam, Firstly analyse, you required your website promotion on local area or worldwide, then analyse best keywords for your website. Start promoting it after adding all onpage factors(like 100% validation, title, meta tags, H Tag implementation, inter linking and few others). While doing offpage SEO make sure you follow webmaster guidelines and make best out of your website, all the best!!
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Have you tried promoting your site on #FacebookGroups if you are lucky you can really hit the home run!
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Try to advertise your website on different portals, it will help you a lot.
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First of all write unique content and search unique keywords relevant to your site, then do Off page, On page Seo techniques,use social media to promote your business all these efforts leads you to increase traffic.
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(04-30-2016 04:32 AM)joyislam Wrote:  hi frieand
I am new to seo and forum i have a website need to seo can you help me about seo
If you want to learn more about SEO you need to be resourceful.
I suggest you start browsing on the internet and read about SEO.
You can go to MOZ blog or search engine land.
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Try to create a list of forum sites which has a direct relevant to your website, from their you can have profile where you can insert the link of your website. For traffic you can use social media since a lot of people are into this type of channel. Lastly ensure that you will be able to create reliable content.
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I find Tumblr accounts with 50k followers related to my topic. I then contact the owner and ask them if I can "sponsor" their page for a month for $50. On Instagram, pay to get a shoutout. $20 will get you 10k targeted visitors in a week.

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