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Get free traffic to website?

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How many times have we heard or read in articles people offering generate #FreeTraffic to a website or a blog BUT is it really #traffic that will benefit your #SEO in anyways?

What do you think about #CheapTraffic?
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You can get free traffic from social media and social bookmarking
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Advertise. This one is so obvious, we're going to look at it first. ...
Get Social. ...
Mix It Up. ...
Write Irresistible Headlines. ...
Pay Attention to On-Page SEO. ...
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social media marketing is the best way to generate traffic in google or anywhere
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Honestly speaking, getting free traffic is not a difficult task if you have right strategy and the best online free traffic resources are SEO and Social media. Both are totally free and give you massive traffic but it takes some time.
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HI, getting traffic is not a big deal when its informative site, but on the internet most of the case as business website simply getting traffic won't help the business. so try to think based on business whom you have to target and try to reach the right audience.try digital marketing company, or SEO freelancer you can reach
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Social media marketing is an effective methods to drive high quality unique traffic on your website.
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Social Networking sites are

Google +
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social media and social bookmarking
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social media and youtube videos makes some good trafic to your site
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Social media will give free traffic easily.

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