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Get more followers on Google Plus?

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terminator Offline referral

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I have a business page on Google plus and I am posting regularly yet I see no followers! Hot to get followers fast?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Create an account on http://addmefast.com/ and there you will be able to get more followers likes subscribers views on YouTube and so on!

The best is to follow as much people as you can and some will follow back!
Erin Nagata Offline referral

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Have you tried posting your contents on google+? You can follow other people and ask them to follow you back.
John Oldman Offline referral

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Optimize the heck out of your profile
Follow as many people as possible
Join communities
Post on Google+ every day
joshuamercedes Offline referral

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Always post valuable content and add relevant people, search the users you want to connect, add important business people to your circles, be active,engage with other users. Hope this helps !
MitraVarghese Offline referral

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The ways to get more followers on Google+ are such as create a personal profile in addition to your business page, treat your Google plus page like a Micro Blog, and post valuable content, add relevant people and businesses to your circles, engage with other users in a meaningful way.
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Why don't you just buy them it's pretty cheap!
evathomsan Offline referral

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There are different types of increase followers like Gain Audience Interest, Attend Google+ Events, Share Content in Communities,  Be Personable, Frame Your Profile As Public, Send Invitation To Join Google+,  Make Yourself Eligible for Direct Connect, Promote Your Presence in Other Social Networks.
businessnetwork Offline referral

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Create a professional profile in google + and join the group and post the valuable content and image sharing etc..
JackA Offline referral

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Try follow-unfollow strategy, it works pretty well for me on G+

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