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I have website. How can i get more traffic.

Please suggest me
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Can you describe a bit more about your website, like what is your niche?
Which market you want to target? Have you defined your audience?
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Let us review your website, point out SEO issues if it has any and how to improved them also we will be able to answer your question better if you share your URL.

Since at this stage you can't post URLs please post it in this format: example(dot)com

Getting traffic to a web-site or a blog is very relative term and is more of a general subject what we need it to target a specific site in this case yours and search for ways that more suitable and will work for it.

Moved to website-review
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In which medium you need traffic? Social Media or via search engine rankings or web marketing?

I go with my buddies words! Just give me your website (No Spam) and your targeted niche. We will suggest you how you can get the maximum of traffic instantly.
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Have you heard of Bluagile? they have a self-serve DSP which you could use

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