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Godaddy copy files from one folder to another?

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I am on #Godaddy #WebHosting my website's files are inside one folder alright however I wanna move those files from that folder and place them inside public_html root folder.

It's not a problem but here is a rub.. I am talking about almost 2GB of data. Using #FileZilla is gonna take forever which will require to put my website offline during that process to prevent any data corruption and that is a big NO in my book.

Now I am wondering if using Godaddy file manager will speed this process up??
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Godaddy can do it for you (if they are willing to help you).
I remember i also used a .sh script to do file manipulation tasks, such script can be executed by a cronjob. the command inside .sh file would be example:
mv /home/username/folder/* /home/username/public_html/

that would move all files in folder into public_html, .htaccess files may be missed and not moved.
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1. Log in will your GoDaddy account.
2. Click Web facilitating.
3. Next of the facilitating record you need to use, click oversee.
4. Click transfer & oversee Files.
5. Utilize the registry tree to Figure those record alternately organizer that you need to move.
6. Select the files or folders Also click move.
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OK so there is no way to just like Copy and Paste?
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you will go tutorial and watch all the details and fill properly

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