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Google 2015 SEO updates - Who is ready to get kicked?

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Google acts as a fear bird in announcing the future seo updates. Last year I can see many search engine updates were released unofficially. Do you guys think Google afraid of announcing the updates in prior? May be the answer is “YES”. No one knows when it updates and only the Google knows when and why.

How we start?

Before the update Matt Cutt may tweet/share the update with less than 50 words. Within some minutes every webmasters starts analyzing every character in his message and speaks about the update. The short message automatically elaborated to a big article. Knowing the history of updates is the main key to unlock the Google search engine optimization very effectively.

Google update doesn’t filter the entire websites which is done by inorganic seo process. The Spiders & Crawlers works 80-95% in average to make the search engine more professional. So why we seo bees are alive and the seo companies are still breathing. “ search engine optimization will be dead if the Google bots works cent percent!” The above sentence is only a Myth, because Google doesn’t make the bots to work very accurately. Google is also a company which mainly depends on the income they getting through Ad-words. Google Pay per click campaigns is only alive because of the seo buddies. We are the competition to Google ad-words and we increase the conversion rate of Google PPC. So it will not stop loving the internet or seo peoples.

Even many are here says placing ads on Google is search engine optimization. Overall, Google Ad-words is only live because of the seo

Looking for unknown names?

I am just looking for the spectacular names of new Google updates. They got the pattern right to animals and birds names? PANDA, HUMMING BIRD, PIEGON, PENGUIN and the new invention PandaGuin… 2015 come with Penguin and Panda! Even Last December 2014 many experts predict the 2015 SEO updates.

Penguin Anticipation:

Penguin 3.0 has rolled out on the Oct 17, 2014 (The update affects very smaller than what we expected – HITS the <1% of English search queries). Penguin affects the sites with inorganic link database (i.e. using of link pyramids, footer link, advertorial campaigns, Redirects and more). After the Penguin refresh Grey Hat & Black Hat masters fall in finding the best method to beat the Google. I don’t think the 3.0 refresh still not over yet. We can expect a major in the month of March 2015. Once released Penguin 4.0 will be a major seo update this year and I am sure many will completely move from Google to YBN networks.

Step to be taken - Penguin Prediction:
  • Research your backlink databases all the time
  • Analyze and review the inorganic backlinks
  • Avoid getting negative reviews
  • Stop advertising much on unrelated websites
  • Do not create your personal SAPE networks.
  • Footer links are not spam always but it may be
  • Bulk link building
  • Page swapping – Doorway pages
  • Splogs, Content/trackback/Referrer spam
  • Link Farms and more…

Panda Anticipation:

Penguin 4.1 has rolled out on the Sep 23, 2014 (Approx. 3-5% of queries were affected). As it is the advanced version of Google caffeine update. Filter the site which has irrelevant, thin, redundant content from SERP’s. In my opinion Panda doesn’t affects many sites like Penguin and some sort of panda refreshes will happen many time this year. End of January? May be!

If you’ve any suggestions, feel free to discuss over below! I wish you HAPPY OPTIMIZING…
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I guess redirecting 404 to home page is also not very SEO friendly right?
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I am sick of Google and its updates as all they do is to mess my SEO and rankings Smile
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(01-21-2015 08:36 PM)marcus_avrelius Wrote:  I guess redirecting 404 to home page is also not very SEO friendly right?

Yes, You are right buddy!
Google doesn't likes it, Even your may get confused of redirecting a 404 Error page to the home page. 404 pages says to the user that you come to the wrong path. Creating custom 404 pages is the better idea.

(01-21-2015 08:46 PM)ladiesman217 Wrote:  I am sick of Google and its updates as all they do is to mess my SEO and rankings
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Once i got kicked by this Google update and i lost all my results of my website, thanks for your prediction and i am not going let it happen again. If anyone aware of the google algorithm please share with me
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SEO is constantly changing. New updates are released, new trends are discussed and new strategies are developed.so different types of updates are like. Targeting more precise keywords and search phrases, More focused social-media approach, Switch your focus from keyword rankings to ROI metrics, Optimizing for Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, Create and optimize for mobile traffic etc….
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Probably because google doesn't want to send a signal to those website who only desire to manipulate search engine rules.
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i think if you follow white hat SEO strategy, you do not need scare about Google update too much
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According to Google Algorithm if we use unique content for linkbuiding. It gets more effect on our website and website easily rank in Search engine.
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Once i got started by this Search engines upgrade and i missing all my outcomes of this site, thanks for your forecast and i am not going let it occur again. If anyone conscious of the google criteria please discuss.
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Google Updates hurt To Blackhat SEO. If you Are working with White Hat SEO. No Need Scary About This Lol Updates.
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google is smarter and smarter everyday. Big Grin

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