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Google KEYWORD DENSITY for 2015?

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The last year 2014 Good seo keyword density was 3% what about this 2015 had this rule been changed?
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I don't think SEO changed that much in a month or two so juts stick to what you know!
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(01-10-2015 11:02 PM)Maria Wrote:  The last year 2014 Good SEO keyword density was 3% what about this 2015 had this rule been changed?
IMO, this 2015, we should be focus on a good quality content intended for audience.
We do not to be focus on keyword density or content written mainly for search engine purposes.
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This year SEO will be all about relevant and quality content! Keep the article content natural don't write it only for the Google! Mentioning a keyword a few times is more than enough!

Also keep in mind "keyword proximity"
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I read in an article that limiting the keyword density to 1% produce greater results after the end of 2014...I don't find the root where I red this... Keyword Frequency, Proximity, Internal anchor text are the key needs to be focused for quality content marketing.
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It doesn't matter. It depends on quality of your content. You can make it two three (primary keywords) per article (600 words) . It should not look spammy.
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Yes sure techniques today used are same but you have to be more careful about link building otherwise for keyword density 1% is enough use synonyms of the keyword
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I think you are link building service use very carefully keyword ranking main purpose keyword through maximum come to visitors so easily ranking in google.

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