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What are the most important Google ranking factors?
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I bet it's DA and PA which is based on backlinks Smile
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In my opinion, the most important ranking factors of google today are:
- User experience
- Backlink related
- Social network signal
- Time to read the page

Please comment me on this.
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On-page SEO & high quality unique content is important factors for website ranking.
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I think quality content, error free websites and social engagement.
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PageRank (PR) is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google.
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Quality Content
Related and Quality Backlinks
Website Speed

These are the most important factors to ranking any website..
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On-page SEO
Faster Website
Mobile friendly
Secure (https)
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One of the most important in Google ranking is the engagement of the website because this will determine the quality of the your site.
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the major important factors are
1. content
2. meta tags
3. backlinks
5.website Realivence
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I'd have to agree with those who listed quality content, website speed and good, logical, "weighty" backlinks. These probably matter the most. But then there are caveats. For example, if you run a news website, the regularity of new posts is important, as well as them appearing as quickly as possible.
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1. Unique Content
2. Quality Backlinks
3. User Experience
4. Technical and On-Page Factors
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Most important Google ranking factors include
1- Seo (On Page & Off Page)
2- Sem (Search Engine Marketing)
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If you read SEJ articles, then they have mentioned 4 most important ranking factors which are:

1. Content: There is no doubt that content is king in SEO.
2. Backlinks: High quality backlinks still matter in SEO for better ranking.
3. Mobile First User Experience: Day by day the number of mobile users are increasing. So, it is highly mandatory to make a website mobile and user-friendly.
4. Technical Factors:

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Google ranking factors are:
• Content
• Backlinks
• Mobile-friendliness
• Usage of keywords in title , description
• Broken links

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