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I am not a digital marketer. I have an agency to take care of my organization's online presence and reputation.

Good these kids know all these things but what I would do is understand my customer's psych and Google those search queries. If you don't see your ranking among top 15-ish share those search queries with your agency. They'll work on it. Cheers
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I don't really understand the meaning of this post could you rephrase?

If you have money to spend I would definitely recommend to hire some SEO expert that knows how to get website on Google first page!
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Hi there,Go through with trend and daily news updates and like this you can use several other techniques to know customem psych.
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google and keywords you can read algorithm of google
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Find some good and long tail keywords and make them at top in Google.
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- yahoo and also key terms you'll be able to understand criteria involving yahoo.
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If you are seeking for keyword for your website then you can take the help of Google Adwords which is used to find keywords.

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