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Googles Latest theme for ranking factor

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AmeetaMohanty Offline referral

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Google has released its latest theme to get good ranking on SERP.

Recently Google said that those websites are mobile friendly, they can get easily good rank.

And those who don't have mobile friendly websites, they can now make their websites and also get good ranking. Smile
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I don't think you can get high ranking by being mobile friendly alone it's just one of the many ranking signals but it's one of the TOP ones and has high priority!
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OK, I will Try It.
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There are about 200 factors which decide whether a website should rank high. Out of those 200 factors we know only handful. Therefore, it is not right to say that being a mobile friendly website only we can rank the website on top page.
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My blog is already mobile friendly. I don't know what must I say but it's a good news that Google release new mobile theme
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Just to get things right this only applies to mobile. Meaning the mobile version of your site will most likely to rank well on mobile, not desktop.
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Google Algorithm has the latest update and it is called as FRED. Website with more ads for revenue has been affected by this update.
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Not only mobile fiendly also google updated that target on low quality content which is loss the ranking in SERP.

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