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Grow Your Revenue with LeadsGate Payday Loan Affiliate Program

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Dear Lets Forum citizens,

I'd like to present you an affiliate program that will definitely help you grow your revenue and make money from home - LeadsGate!

LeadsGate is an affiliate network for webmasters operating in payday loan industry. If you are looking for a place to monetize your payday leads in the most profitable way, LeadsGate is a perfect match.

LeadsGate works on auction based lead selling system which allows us to sell your leads at peak prices - up to $180 per lead. Together with 25% acceptance rate and a tree of exclusive lenders it all leads to an ever-growing revenue. By the way, it is the highest possible payout in the industry. Some networks used to claim they pay up to like $220, but that it nonsence because the maximum ammount that lenders pay for a lead is $200.

Some other benefits for the most profitable payday leads monetization include the following:
• Focus just on one niche which means LeadsGate is able to provide you with the best results and support;
• Net-10|weekly payments;
• Minimum ammount to order payment - $100 + automated payment system;
• LeadsGate pays for declines;
• Flexible rebill system ("once your client - always your client");
• Referral program: earn extra 5% from the revenue of those webmusters to whom you advise LeadsGate;
• And many many more!

Want to earn more with us today? Simply register and see the results with your own eyes!

You can always reach me via email: julia@leadsgate.com, or Skype - julia.seam
Looking forward to working with you!
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Dear Affiliates,

We’ve got some great news for you! LeadsGate has raised payouts up to $200 just per one lead!

It’s a great possibility for you to earn good money this autumn. Register, generate leads, get $200 per lead! And don’t forget to invite your colleagues to earn extra 5% commission with a special referral link!

Julia Seaman
e: julia@leadsgate.com
w: www.leadsgate.com
Skype: julia.seam
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Looks interesting
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How long has your affiliate program been in business?

Does the weekly payment schedule apply from the first day alone or one needs to qualify for weekly payments?

What's the EPC for one of your best campaign?
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How do you choose your affiliate???

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