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Guest Posting

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If your motivation is building your reading audience while offering valuable content, guest posting can be fruitful. Acclaimed guest bloggers can bring you exposure to new audience, increase traffic and benefit your branding. If you rely on guest blogging as a way to gain links and increase the ranking, sooner or later this practice will be perceived as "spammy".
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Guest posting can be beneficial however keep in mind that Matt Cutts already warned us about this technique. It should not be your usual offpage optimization technique. Do it only if it is necessary.
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Visitor Blogging is a decent approach to get quality backlink, particularly if the blog where you post your article is in an indistinguishable topic from your site
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Yes, guest posting is a great way to get good backlinks and improve website ranking, if you do it properly. The key is to publish guest posts only on high quality website that are relevant to your own website, in exchange for a do follow link. Backlinks from low quality/irrelevant websites don't count.
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If you post on a really popular blog, you can get substantial amounts of direct traffic to your site and in the ideal case, when your product is of interest to the visitors from the other blog, you can make sales.
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If there are backlink guest posts from related websites then that is great help to improve keyword rankings on google search
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To me, Good Guest Post possibility reaches these requirements:

- Sites with related content (at least with your current GP topic).
- Sites with DA>20 , PA>20
- Sites doesn't contain too many guest post (such as: directory sites,...)

I usually base on these parameter xD

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