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HTML/CSS/JS or Wordpress

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Which is better, a website developed using HTML/CSS/JS or the one developed using Wordpress?
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If you want to create a SEO Friendly sight, It doesn't matter if you are using wordpress or developed website using HTML/CSS/HTML! As long as you follow the SEO guidelines and avoid all the technical errors it will be ranked!
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html is best for seo
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If you have a good knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS and want to create a monetary website, then you can go for it. But if don't have much knowledge about coding, then Wordpress will be best for you to start with.
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As danheffernan states, WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS) which is a propelled usage of HTML and CSS, alongside some extra things like back-end code. As expressed, on account of WordPress, it is using PHP for the back-end and extra site usefulness is actualized with JavaScript.
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Wordpress would be better. It's easy to use. Although you'll need to use manual HTML, JS to make it better. If you are a beginner, then Wordpress will be helpful for you.
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HTML is the best,because it is easy to understad and it is more efficient.Html stand for hypertext markup language,it is computer programming language.
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WordPress is a CMS for the PHP so its very easy to understand its functioning for website development. There are pre developed plugins for diff. service we want in our site which we can easily get in WordPress.

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