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HTML/CSS/JS or Wordpress

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Which is better, a website developed using HTML/CSS/JS or the one developed using Wordpress?
Erick_Lopez Offline referral

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If you want to create a SEO Friendly sight, It doesn't matter if you are using wordpress or developed website using HTML/CSS/HTML! As long as you follow the SEO guidelines and avoid all the technical errors it will be ranked!
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html is best for seo
Gaurav Agarwal Offline referral

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If you have a good knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS and want to create a monetary website, then you can go for it. But if don't have much knowledge about coding, then Wordpress will be best for you to start with.
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As danheffernan states, WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS) which is a propelled usage of HTML and CSS, alongside some extra things like back-end code. As expressed, on account of WordPress, it is using PHP for the back-end and extra site usefulness is actualized with JavaScript.

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