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Help me to pick a cheap but powerful dedicated or VPS hosting plan?

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My website (online business) start to get some real traffic and my shared hosting can't handle it anymore so I am forced to move either to VPS or dedicated server! Since they are not cheap I mean in comprising to shared one it's very expensive so I am hoping someone could help me to find cheap one but with great performance that will handle a ton of traffic!

My site gets 10,000+ unique visitors per day!

What would you recommend for:

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Glad to hear this wonderful news! I am happy that your hard work finally starting to pay-off.

It depends on the website or on the script you are using! If you are using some very heavy script/coding that on each site load generates hundreds of SQL queries and the web-page size is high then you will need a server with more Cores, RAM and Bandwidth.

Make a deal with your hoisting company/provider and tell them that you will need to experiment with each server plan to see which one is more suitable to your eCommerce.

Start Startup plan then move to Professional if you still have problems then switch to Enterprise.

Here are some links to cheap and high performance VPS and Dedicated servers!

Dedicated Servers:

Virtual Private Server (VPS):
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VPS hosting is no cheap
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(03-01-2015 02:00 PM)seosingapore Wrote:  VPS hosting is no cheap

It's not cheap but if you get that amount of traffic every day I am sure it generates decent amount of proffit at the end of the month.

You need to spend money to make some!

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