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How Can i rank #1 on google in news website?

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I want to rank my site #1 on google for "Gujarati News" Keyword. please tell me what types of seo techniques will work. the current position of Gujarati News keyword= 18. please help me to get rank soon.
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Use keyword in title , description and content. Build back links. It will help to improve the positions.
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Its a little bit hard for getting your site on 1st rank for this common keyword. You can yous google adwords first to let people get to know about your website simultaneously you can work on to make your stand stable o internet through organic SEO methods
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For specially new site, original and unique content must help in ranking. If local click started to coming, your ranking will also improve. and you can do one more thing just take reciprocal links to local sites.
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Follow strictly white hat SEO technique, do the quality guest posting, built do-follow backlinks
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1. Publish Unique Content
2. Differentiate
3. Forecast
4. Publish Fast & Update
5. Headlines Matter
6. First Paragraph
7. Use Proper Nouns
8. Click-Through Rate
9. Use Multimedia
10. Be the Brand
11. Stay Tuned
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guest posting and press release will help you regarding this
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Try to link the keywords on which you want traffic and ranking on google. Focus on title and description of the page.

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