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How Could I achieve Keyword Ranking On The Google?

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hey guys..... please help me...
How could I achieve Keyword Ranking on the Google?
What Kind Of Keywords Should I prefer For contents?
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It all depends on your efforts putting in the form of On & Off Page work. Firstly you need to correct your website fully optimized according to the search engine guidelines. Once you complete that task, move for Link building submission strategy. In this case, select most quality back linking sites which can offer traffic as well as back-links.
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First you focus on complete On-page seo and insert your keywords on particular landing page and after Off-page seo for creating maximum amounting to backlinks.
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Google needs content to pull keywords out of it and then link them to the same search queries so produce tons of it.

Now the keywords you include in that content it's entirely up to you as I have no idea what's your website niche! A good strategy is start by conquering keywords that get low search volume (competition) to create search engine authority then the rest will naturally occur.
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you can optimize the on page and take the full effort of the off page optimization and content marketing.
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1st you need keep backlinks and optimise you website.
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As suggested above start by targeting less competitive and long tail keywords this should be easier than going for some high competitive ones that have a ton of websites with tons of backlinks all competing for them!
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That depends on your competition, target market and location. That being said, use keywords plus target location.

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