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How Do I Get Top Rankings For My Keywords Fast?

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I am doing seo for non stop and yet mu website is not ranking high on Google? How can I increase rankings and get on the search engine first page for a keyword I am targeting fast?
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There is not fast solution for it I am sorry to tell you that. Google these days heavily relies on brand reputation. Domain name (brand) age means for Google that it's a serious brand and can be trusted. Focus most of your effort on brand marketing.
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drag and drop the keyword in serp, hahahhahaa

Man, do the good quality link building and social media sharing. you will get good rank with your keywords in some time.
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Follow both onpage and offpage techniques of seo,
>Tittle tag
>meta description
>head and alt tags
>link building
>social networking sites
>blog marketing
>forum posting
>video marketing
>photo sharing
>social bookmarking and
>article submission

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