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How Google index my website?

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How Google index my website?
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Submit a sitemap of your website to google search console
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yes create sitemap and submit it to google search consoule
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Bookmarking and blog pining is the best way o index your website apart from this submit a sitemap of your website to google search console
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Creating sitemap, robots.txt file is the best way & don't forget to submit your website to different search engines & ping them.
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Make use of webmaster tools and submit website link so that each and every page of your website gets indexed.
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generate XML Sitemap with all the links of your website those you want to get index in Google and then submit your Sitemap in Google Webmaster tools. It will help to index all your website pages..
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First step on it, is to create a XML sitemap and creating a Robots.txt file and submit it on your Google Webmaster Tool/Google Console!

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