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How To Increase Twitter Engagement And Followers?

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I started using twitter a month back for my new web site. I actually have good followers(80 now) however number of days past my followers was like one hundred thirty but suddenly it's gone down. My observation is that some pretend profiles followed me so unfollowed. The thing that really bothering me is that will it hamper my brand?? If affirmative then what should I do to remain removed from these pretend followers? how am i able to acknowledge them?

Any help would be appreciated.
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1: Offer Personalized Encouragement
2: Share Their Tweets
3: Include a Relevant Hashtag
4: Link to Problem-Solving Content
5: Run a Contest
6: Answer Customer Calls for Help
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Start Interaction with your present followers
Share their tweets
Comment your view on tweets relevant to your business
Include relevant hashtags wherever necessary
This strategies will increase your profile performance in terms of followers.
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I have the same sentiment as your! The number of my followers decreased but not to a significant figure. Probably about 2-4 followers per month.
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These are the steps to increase Twitter engagement and followers:
1. Alternate between “title tweets” and “copy tweets” Switch up between tweeting your post titles and post copy. ...
2. Include shortened links to drive engagement. ...
3. Use attention-grabbing images. ...
4. Ask for retweets. ...
5. Use actionable words. ...
6. Recycle tweets. ...
7. Tweet about social media. ...
8. Quality over quantity when it comes to followers.
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Just trying to see what others say over here~
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To have interaction is the best way to stay connected with our user especially on any social channels.
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These are the tips to Increase Twitter Engagement
Engage with Other Users Content.
Retweet Other Users' Tweets.
Keep Your Tweets Brief.
Share a Variety of Links.
Respond When Someone Tweets to You.
Know Your Peak Hours.
Use Twitter Ads. ...
Use Twitter Conversational Ads.

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