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How YouTube videos make money?

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I see adverting on YouTube videos and I know people are making money there but does this work?

How to start making money on YouTube?
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To make money on YouTube you need an Adsense account. Apply for one before uploading videos since it's not easy to get one! Once you get your Adsense account approved then you can start making and uploading videos.
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To apply for Adsense account you need to create YouTube account first.
This is not the only way you can make money there. This is a great place for free marketing which will generate traffic, customers and more sales.
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It's true if you manage to get lots of subscribers and your videos get a ton of views you will make pretty decent money otherwise you won't earn to much. It's free money 100% unless you pay some professional video editors.
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There are several ways to make money on YOUTUBE but the most popular one is adsense. So if you already an adsense member you have to monetize those videos you upload to YouTube. Just walk around inside your YouTube dashboard you will see some settings relating to adsense so you can apply those settings to start earn some bulks through your YouTube videos.

Another means of making money on YouTube is, using your YouTube video to promote your business because the more people watch your video the more they click on the link below the video and that simply take them to your sales page to get your offers. From there those visitors will start rolling into your sales funnel.
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How much money people make on YouTube with Adsense?
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Youtube can be a great place to increase the visibility of any business online.

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