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How can I get more views to my Nursery Rhymes Youtube Video?

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Karthikaqpt Offline referral

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I want to get more traffic for nursery rhymes video.
I can submit this video to social media and bookmarking sites, It's get small number of views.
You can watch this video and Please give some ideas to get more views.
LaurenA Offline referral

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There are a lot of nursery rhymes on youtube channel, if your account is just new then chances are you will only get few views, since the one that will pop-up on the result will be those with the highest number of views. Make the content of the video appealing to the eye, and just keep on sharing it to your social media accounts.
indojaja Offline referral

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i think you can make small amount quality backlink from press release
hope it helps
GlobalMonkeyofMoney987 Offline referral

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You can also buy youtube views for very very low prices like only 3 or 4 bucks will get you a thousand on some sites. Also Traffic CG is good for any site.
chetanbali17 Offline referral

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Karthikaqpt: Firstly you have to create strategy how you can more subscribers, For now you can keep doing bookmarking, let people watch your video once they like, they will subscribe your channel then your new videos can get thousands views very quickly. and if you have budget for promotion, then you can use adwords platform for promoting your video it will help you in gaining more views.
seotoonexplainers Offline referral

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1) Share your videos to social media like FB,Twitter,G Plus,Pinterest, tumblr etc.. you will get more views.
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You can promote your YouTube video on Social media like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram with short description. You can also do Social Bookmarking for the same at different bookmarking sites. By sharing your link with caption of Nursery Rhymes it will help more to get more views.
smithwigglesworth Offline referral

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If you want to get more traffic on your video then you just join relevant groups on Facebook and Google plus. Share your video on these groups and communities to increase the traffic of your website.

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