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How can I make web2.0 linkbuilding

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I can try this on wikipedia site and I have create a page but it have deleted form wikipedia
please help me and tell method of creating system.
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wikipedia doesnot allow promotion of any company or websites as such it follows a strict rules i too tried dude but doesnt worked for me.

u search in google for web2 sites list u will get the list for the link building
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You can try to make on a google not an article about you site, but about the topic that your site is about.

For example if you site about Shakespeare, you can add an article about him with some new facts and make it with the links you your site.

This can work but I do not promise.

Good luck
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Have you tried visiting #SEO Marketplace and search for offers like wiki backlinks?

#getbacklinks #seomarketplace #wikibacklinks #generatebacklinks
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It is very simple just create a micro website or blog for your website on Tumblr or Wordpress and start posting and promoting that to increase traffic and ranking.
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Web 2.0 linkbuilding has much to do about filling out your profile in web 2.0 websites – especially the ‘links’ and/or ‘websites’ part.

Try reading this content from SEO Hacker, Web 2.0 Link Building for Branding, there's a portion there where you can set-up a profile for wiki, hoping that it will help. Good luck.
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First you need to have high quality content to post in web 2.0 sites like blogger, wordpress, tumblr etc. With high quality content I mean you need original, unique content. You can further use images and videos to make your posts more effective. You can add 1,2 links to your website to get some useful backlinks.

Google this topic

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