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How can i make a website without any IT knowledge

Gaurav Agarwal Offline referral

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You can hire a freelancer or someone with good programming knowledge to set up a website for you. Or the other way to create a website is Wordpress. It'll be easy to a non-technical person like you. You just need to have some basic computer knowledge(that you must have if you are using the forum).
Erick_Lopez Offline referral

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I am not agree that create a website in Wordpress don't need any knowledge about IT. Wordpress is also composed of HTML, CSS, javascript and .php code! You can create a website but using a basic techniques but you really need to have even a bit of knowledge about programming language/s.
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There are numerous companies which provide service to create a website without coding knowledge. No doubt, one can create good-looking and fantastic website without knowing prior design skills.

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