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How can i save my website?

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How can i save my website? How to prevent from malware and hacking, kindly give the suggestion
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The most important is to protect ADMIN panel is you for instance use WordPress or any other script for this matter.

Then modify your script so that admins and moderators will have to do some extra validations!

Like htaccess IP filter that allows only users with a particular IP to access!
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Launch Internet Explorer and access the Favorites menu. Click "Add to Favorites." Click the "Make available offline" check box to tell Internet Explorer to save a copy of the website to your hard drive. Press the "Customize" button to tell the application to save pages from a given number of links deep. This means that Internet Explorer automatically navigates through the website and downloads the pages it comes across. Click "Finish" to save the website.
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In case you're on a desktop PC, sparing a site page is dead straightforward. Simply open up your program, explore to the page, and go to File > Save Page As. Spare it as "Site page, Complete" some place in your archives. You'll get a HTML record and an envelope loaded with pictures and other information contained inside don't erase this.

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