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How do foreigners make money on the Internet?

make money online
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Greetings to all, I write from Donetsk, Ukraine (from the place where the war is now). I ask about one who can help links (maybe ideas) how you can earn money in the English-speaking Internet.

The options that I'm currently considering is writing text (articles for web sites), my sister knows English well and maybe you have exchanges where you can find a decent job, in writing the text (especially where you can sell already ready articles for web sat-they are) .

I now have gone to learn to create web sites (imposition) HTML5 & CSS3. I also go to the English school on Tuesdays and Thursdays - I want to earn money working with American people through the Internet.

If there are any other types of earnings without money invested, help with links (you really need to come up with something).

Thank you all for your attention earlier.
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6 great ways to make money online
1. Sell art, crafts or collectibles online
2. Cash in on your photos
3. Take on microjobs and quick tasks
4. Tutor and teach
5. Freelance
6. Telecommute
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Same way as everyone else.. Hustle!
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Everyone is equal, you can be whatever you want to be if you put in time and hard work. all the best
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Start blogging. Make affiliate site like best product reviews and SEO to all those sites work hard, follow the rules of google do white hat SEO.

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