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How do you measure SEO success?

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How do you measure seo success?
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Following factor to measure seo success

How many of those visitors returned to the site more than once?
How many turned into customers?
How much revenue did those visits result in?
How have these numbers changed over time?
How does that correlate with the SEO work you've been doing?
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It's simple you can see the search engine ranking if you're going towards the top you're doing good, and if not you need to work.

You can also track the conversation by setting goals on your website by using Google Analytics.
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I will major the success of my SEO campaigns by following components

1. Ranking Improvement.
2. PR Improvement.
3. Page and Domain Authority Improvement.
4. All Onsite Error Fixed
5. Bounce rate down and Total Traffic Improved.
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I will measure SEO success with my traffic increase after i did SEO..
and with top positions in search engine with my keywords
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Keyword Rankings. Everyone's favorite SEO metric—keyword rankings. ...
Backlink Quantity and Quality. ...
Organic Traffic. ...
Time Spent on Page. ...
Bounce Rate. ...
Mobile Traffic. ...
Click-Through Rate (CTR) ...
Domain Authority.
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Check google analytics to get information about visitors to your website. Check Bounce Rate. Bounce Rate is the percentage of users who left after viewing a single page on a site and taking no additional action. Hope it helps!!

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