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How important Mobile Marketing is for a Business?

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What role does mobile marketing play in an eCommerce online business?
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Very important since most of the traffic is mobile one. In other words the majority of internet users access the new using their smart-phones and tablets which means that you have to target that traffic source by adapting your eCommerce business site to meat the mobile phone browser requirements.
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Mobile marketing allows you to reach potential customers wherever they are instead of having to wait until they log on to the internet with a computer, notice your physical sign or tune in to a broadcast.
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You have to understand that most of your costumers will be using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to access your site to you have to design your website accordingly also develop APPs to make it easy for people to purchase or buy your products that is called mobile marketing! However in the other hand it could also refer to the marketing of products and services related to such devices!
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how i can do mobile marketing
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Mobile marketing is very important because majority now browse from their mobile device
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Its trend of Mcommerce now. Mobile marketing is absolutely be great choice to promote.
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Now a days mobile marketing is new trends to increase our business and services.
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At this time most of the people or business use mobile for all type of work, So mobile marketing is also important.
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Very important. Most of the people access internet via mobiles. Since more traffic comes through mobile, it is extremly important to enhance mobile marketing for your business.
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Mobile marketing is important since most people have mobile devices right now. That's why most people still engage in mobile marketing because it reaches more people
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Mobile marketing plays a huge role in e-business, because every second customer has a mobile device and can access your web resource. You must keep it in mind, and you should create a mobile version for internet browser or mobile application for your web site. Also, for the owners of e-business it is very important to have a mobile applications of CRM system, for example like those <REMOVED> It is very convenient to use them wherever you are.
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1. People are Increasingly Accessing the Internet Through Mobile Devices
2. People Are Doing More E-Commerce Transactions through Mobile Devices
3. Mobile Technology is Changing the User’s Web Surfing Habits
4. Social Media Has Gone Mobile
5. Mobile Technology Allows Location Based Marketing
6. Smartphones and Tablets Remove Barriers to Mobile Marketing
7. Mobile Technology is Replacing the Television and the Radio
8. The Most Valuable Demographics are Mobile
9. Mobile Marketing can be Very Cost Effective
10. Other Parts of the World are even More Mobile
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I don’t think they are important. There are a few companies which send me text messages as a form of marketing – one or two of them are companies which I gave my number to a long time ago for various reasons, but the vast majority are companies whom I have no idea where they got my number from. Regardless, I find these messages to be annoying and a nuisance. Plus, they don’t even work as a marketing tool because usually I will just delete the message and forget about it.

Now, I think there are some things that can be marketed effectively via mobiles, but these are usually limited to the youth market – teenagers are generally not too busy to read/act upon a text. Plus, obviously downloading music, ringtones, etc can be a form of marketing if that is encouraging someone to go and buy a whole album.

One thing that I think is quite interesting is that Sony have just launched a new phone with Usher’s new album already loaded onto it. I’m curious to know what the point of this is. I actually can’t imagine that anyone would buy a phone for this reason, given that if you really wanted the album there are plenty of other cheap means to obtain it. I can’t really imagine that Usher is getting anything out of it either – okay, it might mean that people will listen to it who wouldn’t have done otherwise, but if you’re giving them a whole album then you’re not making any money out of them because they’ve got nothing left to buy
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Mobile marketing allows you to achieve potential customers wherever they are instead of having to wait on until they log on to the internet with a computer, observe your actual indication or tune attention to a broadcast.
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Today Mobile marketing is much more than a trend—it is an increasingly important part of the market.
Let’s come across some facts & figures that prove that e-commerce is gradually shifting towards m-commerce.
1. According to research firm eMarketer Inc., mobiles and tablets would generate about 27% of total web based sales in the US by 2018.
2. When same measures are spanned globally, mobile devices would be generating 47% of total web based sales by 2018, according to The Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
3. Don’t get confused that mobiles or tablets are used by consumers for sales only when they are on the go. According to Nielsen, 67 percent smartphone shoppers and 80 percent tablet shoppers shop online from home. So for these users, smartphones and tablets are the only computing device they have.
4. A research conducted by Adroit Digital says that 68% users owning both PC and desktop take their tablets with them for about 25% of the time whenever they leave home.
5. 14% tablet users take their tablets 75-99% of the time whenever they leave home says Adroit Digital.
6. In next five years, advancing mobile technology will load smartphone devices with more powerful processors and graphics-rendering capabilities. Features like augmented reality will allow consumers to virtually see and try a product even before placing its order. For example, if you are buying a sofa or bed online and are not sure how it would look like in your room, you would be able to augment it there through an augmented reality feature enabled m-commerce app.Read More:

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