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How long would it take for black hat SEO to get my website on Google first page?

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I know black hat seo is awesome and works fast but how long would it take for a new website to get on the first page of Google? I am lunching new site and don't have time neither money to spend on white hat seo Smile
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As like White Hat strategy, it purely depends on the technique.

Before 2 years we ranked any website niche into top 10 within 7 days. Now it extend to 30-45 days. Black hat strategy always has some false positives. Short-term results - I mean the websites stay very limited time. Luckily very few websites stay longer in TOP 10.
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It all comes down to how aggressive you wanna be and how much you are willing to risk.

Black hat SEO if done incorrectly will destroy your online businesses in a heartbeat. You should take it slowly to stay under the radar if not that could trigger some Google anti-spam algorithm. Normally SEO takes 2 months to start producing results so that should be your reference.

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