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How to Boost Traffic for eCommerce Website?

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I have created an eCommerce website but the traffic is zero. What should I do for this?
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1. Let social media bring in the visitors
2. Make full use of content marketing.
3. Make connections with customers.
4. Search engine optimization can make all the difference.
5. Give Pay Per Click advertising a try.
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You can do off -page SEO activities like:

1) Social media promotions
2) Classified Submission
3) Guest Posting
4) Article Submision
5) Social Bookmarking
6) Video Sharing
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In product oriented market its must capture front page of search engine result.
Add schema to webmaster in a manner to have zero listing, prefer adwords campaign, be in top 3 for hunderds of keywords by doing quality SEO work
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1. social media posting
2. adsense postings
3. video advertisement posting
4. guest blogging
5. article posting.
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Creating Infographics
Consistent Blogging
Think About Guest Blogging
Offering Deals on Your Ecommerce Site

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