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How to Create a Forum For My Website?

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The majority of web-sites and blogs have a forum (discussion board) to allow their customers and users discuss some topics in there I wanna create one too how can I do it for free?
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You have two choices free AKA open source forum script/software or a paid one!

Paid: Vbulletin
Free: MyBB

It' pretty easy to install just create a database in your PHPmyadmin then upload the script and run the installation follow the steps to install Smile
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It really depends on your web host, and what environment your in. Typically I've always used MyBB as its free and I like the features and templating system it uses. Another popular one is PHPBB but I think the UI is atrocious so I've always steered clear of it.

If you wanted to go the paid route as @maya said vBulletin is one option, I however have preferred IP Board.

If you need help setting up a forum feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll give you a hand.
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It looks fantastic on mobile and is 100% mobile friendly
User sign up, login and participation is easy and intuitive
You can choose a classic forum layout or a fancy cards display – both layouts are customizable
A rich text editor allows you and your forum members to add beautiful posts – including images
Managing the forum is so simple. Being an admin shouldn’t be a headache!
Each member gets a profile page that documents their forum activity
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PHP BB forum is the best form the way to discussion the talk, and you can add plugin as well in wordpress site
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same question. does somebody have any tutorials/guide?
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