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How to Create a Forum For My Website?

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The majority of web-sites and blogs have a forum (discussion board) to allow their customers and users discuss some topics in there I wanna create one too how can I do it for free?
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You have two choices free AKA open source forum script/software or a paid one!

Paid: Vbulletin
Free: MyBB

It' pretty easy to install just create a database in your PHPmyadmin then upload the script and run the installation follow the steps to install Smile
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It really depends on your web host, and what environment your in. Typically I've always used MyBB as its free and I like the features and templating system it uses. Another popular one is PHPBB but I think the UI is atrocious so I've always steered clear of it.

If you wanted to go the paid route as @maya said vBulletin is one option, I however have preferred IP Board.

If you need help setting up a forum feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll give you a hand.
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It looks fantastic on mobile and is 100% mobile friendly
User sign up, login and participation is easy and intuitive
You can choose a classic forum layout or a fancy cards display – both layouts are customizable
A rich text editor allows you and your forum members to add beautiful posts – including images
Managing the forum is so simple. Being an admin shouldn’t be a headache!
Each member gets a profile page that documents their forum activity
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PHP BB forum is the best form the way to discussion the talk, and you can add plugin as well in wordpress site
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same question. does somebody have any tutorials/guide?
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You know, choosing a good host for running forum is not so easy thing to do... .
All I can recommend is to choose hostingsource.com web host. Their servers are located in US. It is professional host.
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There are a few steps to be followed for this:
1. Register a domain to a host which supports PHP
2. Get a forum software like Simple Machines forum or any other which you find convenient
3. Get a FTP client so that you can upload all the files here
4. Create a mySQL database
5. Set up your forums, configure, edit and do the necessary changes
6. If you are using phpBB, then set your CHMOD setting to 666
7. Delete and install contrib directories.

I hope this helps.
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mostly people uses MyBB to start up the forum For free (MyBB is an opensorche platform for Creating the forums) or you can also create forums from paid service providers.
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it depends on you which type of business you are.
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vBulletin is the best one - this software is cool for creating forums.
As for the host, you can compare these reliable ones:
- Hostwinds.com
- Kvchosting.net
- Hostpapa.com
Your site will get loaded lightning fast and applications run far better as compared to any other hosting environment.
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very good explanation.

vBulletin is the best one - this software is cool for creating forums.
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I would suggest PhpBB.

Google this topic

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