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How to Develop eCommerce Website in Minimum Cost?

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How Can I Design eCommerce Website with Minimum Cost........
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Have you tried looking for an open source software solution?
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Got a terrific idea for your next mobile app, but don’t know how to proceed? Do you want your app to be developed and launched at the right time? Do you want to make savings? If you have these type of queries in your mind, then you can contact Clavax Technologies, that can efficiently meet all the requirements. Clavax Technologies is an eCommerce web development company offering IT services and solutions to their clients from diverse factions of the economy.
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The cost of a eCommerce website project will vary, depending on what you want your eCommerce website to do and whether you are managing the project yourself or engaging web professionals to manage and complete the project.

When starting an eCommerce business or taking a current retail business and expanding it to sell products online, often the only cost considered is the one for the web developer who will create the site.

What determines the cost?

The difference between eCommerce store budgets comes down to project scope. Some of the relevant factors include:

Customer base
Supporting applications
Features and Functionality
Website Content

With the Contus eCommerce development solutions can basic cost as little as $2000.

Enterprise-level all-in-one solutions and customized programming can cost upto $10,000 or more.
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it,s really difficult to measure the cost, as it,s all depend on you website functionality.
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If you want to develop a eCommerce in minimum cost then you can but it should include the things given below-
1. Don’t rush the launch.
2. Put the focus on the user.
3. Test absolutely everything.
4. Work closely with social.
5. Incorporate social elements.
6. Go mobile.
7. Stay on top of SEO.
8. Collect information.
9. Continue evolving.

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