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How to Get More Subcribers on Youtube?

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mokhatik Offline referral

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How to get many subcirbe in fast track?? Look sub for sub..
pleae share the website that to do that????
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Well FAST costs #money buddy. So I would really recommend you to invest like $100 bucks for starters to buy services that will generate #YouTube #subscribers.

Try http://www.addmefast.com or similar. Also try http://www.seoclerks.com/ #SEOMarketplace that is full of amazing offers.

But the bottom line is that your channel has to have cool videos to keep those subscribers and encourage others to subscribe.
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Try to post useful and unique videos.

I would not buy or exchange subscribers, I do not think it is worthy

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I think the most reliable way to get more subscribers, it is post links on facebook, vk, google plus and other social sites, using tools like addmefast and other tools may suspend your accounts, you can also increase youtube ranking for your keywords.
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Promote it through your other social media channel. Make the video interesting to the public, you can also use keywords so it will work
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There is no such website that helps you get subscribers and that too targeted. I also think YT subscribers are of no use but that really depends on the niche you are trying to target. If gaming is your thing, then you are well off with Youtube as there are a lot of gamers on YT.
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(02-01-2016 01:08 PM)mokhatik Wrote:  How to get many subcirbe in fast track?? Look sub for sub..
pleae share the website that to do that????

why not go for YouTube advert paid services. it is not all that costly and its a guarantee way to get subscribers fast provided your niche keywords are well used, your video is not too long, your message is short, concise and straight to the point etc.
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Well if you want you can invest on ads, or share your channel on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.
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Please do not buy YouTube subscribers at now. They all drop.
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Post useful and unique content and automatically more subscriptions will occur
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You can use social media sites like facebook, twitter , pinterest , linkedin for getting subscribers on youtube video . Whether you can also seo for this also.
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Well, if you want then you can buy services online but i would suggest you to post entertaining videos or whatever but should be interested and update your channel with new videos.

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