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How to Get More Subcribers on Youtube?

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How to get many subcirbe in fast track?? Look sub for sub..
pleae share the website that to do that????
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Well FAST costs #money buddy. So I would really recommend you to invest like $100 bucks for starters to buy services that will generate #YouTube #subscribers.

Try http://www.addmefast.com or similar. Also try http://www.seoclerks.com/ #SEOMarketplace that is full of amazing offers.

But the bottom line is that your channel has to have cool videos to keep those subscribers and encourage others to subscribe.
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Try to post useful and unique videos.

I would not buy or exchange subscribers, I do not think it is worthy

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I think the most reliable way to get more subscribers, it is post links on facebook, vk, google plus and other social sites, using tools like addmefast and other tools may suspend your accounts, you can also increase youtube ranking for your keywords.
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Promote it through your other social media channel. Make the video interesting to the public, you can also use keywords so it will work
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There is no such website that helps you get subscribers and that too targeted. I also think YT subscribers are of no use but that really depends on the niche you are trying to target. If gaming is your thing, then you are well off with Youtube as there are a lot of gamers on YT.
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(02-01-2016 01:08 PM)mokhatik Wrote:  How to get many subcirbe in fast track?? Look sub for sub..
pleae share the website that to do that????

why not go for YouTube advert paid services. it is not all that costly and its a guarantee way to get subscribers fast provided your niche keywords are well used, your video is not too long, your message is short, concise and straight to the point etc.
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Well if you want you can invest on ads, or share your channel on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.
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Get free YouTube subscribers: 13 essential tactics
1. Post quality and useful content
This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at all of the videos out there that are of either terrible quality, or lack any truly valuable content. If you want to post a dark and fuzzy video of your midnight fast-food run, do so on your personal channel (and maybe think about hiding those videos from the general public).
For your brand’s page, create unique content or take a look at trending or popular themes and topics, and put your organization’s spin on those. If your product or service has experts behind it, use those experts to provide answers to common questions (through a Q&A video) or to demonstrate how your brand solves popular problems. Think about what your target audience member is searching for, and what their main pain points are, and create video content that addresses these needs.
2. Pick your title and description wisely
As some of the first impressions of your brand’s YouTube presence, your video titles and descriptions should reflect the high quality your organization is known for (or strives to be known for).
With YouTube’s maximum title length set at 100 characters, you want to keep your title as clear and concise as possible. Your video name is what will attract your audience and act as the deciding factor in whether they’re going to click on your content or not—no pressure. Vidrack author Ryan Parent provides some helpful guidance on the matter, sharing that “the best advice I can give for writing video titles is to be descriptive and accurate.” This isn’t the place to try and surprise your viewers, nor is it the place to exercise the phrase “you won’t believe what happens next!” Nobody likes to feel tricked into watching something that they didn’t sign up for, so ensure your title and description are as straightforward as possible.
Specifically speaking about your YouTube video description, Parent shares the following tips for helping you attract more subscribers through your descriptions:
Don’t leave it blank—Many people make the mistake of leaving this area blank, missing out on a big video optimization opportunity.
Use tags—Tags act as keywords for your videos, so if you neglect adding these you’re missing out on huge discovery opportunities.
Don’t copy and paste—Instead, write unique, descriptive and keyword rich content in the description that YouTube can recognize.
Add URLs—Send traffic to your website and other social channels by including URLs in the description .
3. Include a clear call-to-action
The built-in features of YouTube allow for you to easily incorporate a CTA in your videos. If someone has taken the initiative to actually click on and watch your video content, you’re halfway towards getting them to complete any desired next step. Usually, interacting with content such as a video indicates interest—even if it’s small at the moment—so make sure you prompt your audience and let them know what they can do to get more information and continue the relationship. If your objective is to grow your subscriber list, something like “subscribe now!” should be your CTA, but savvy marketers use YouTube for everything from driving traffic to collecting leads.
There are a few different methods of including a CTA on your YouTube videos. The Animoto blog explains three of the most prominent ways you can do this:
A vocal call-to-action: If appropriate, have the person speaking in the video tell the audience what action to take next step
A text call-to-action: Use titles or captions to share information and suggestions for your customers’ next steps
Call-to-action buttons: To add a level of interactivity to your videos, you can add a CTA button or overlay to your content. Ann Smarty of Internet Marketing Ninjas provides clear directions on how to do exactly this.
4. Create an engaging YouTube trailer
As a way to attract viewers to your channel—and ultimately gain new YouTube subscribers—a YouTube trailer offers potential audience members a look at what your content is about. The YouTube Creator Blog offers the following tips for how to make the best channel trailer possible:
Include a clear CTA encouraging viewers to subscribe.
Entertain the viewer to show what your channel is about rather than tell.
Indicate the type of videos your viewers can expect, and when they can expect them .
Think about the video’s context, as it will be seen on the channel (possibly after a viewer has already seen at least one of your videos).
While there’s no perfect length, shorter is generally better.
5. Put some effort into the look of your channel
As one of your key marketing platforms, you will want to put as much effort into your YouTube channel as you do your other online profiles. As a company asset, you will want to ensure that you are incorporating your brand style and brand voice wherever possible. The look of your channel should be both professional and aesthetically pleasing, as it is your audience’s main visual impression of your organization. Think about what you want viewers to feel and do when they’re on your channel, and how the overall look of your channel can help you meet these objectives.
YouTube’s Creator Academy offers the following tips for branding your channel as a means of getting more subscribers:
Focus on the content: “Your brand should correspond to the type of content you produce.”
Spend time on your channel icon: “Your channel icon visually represents your channel everywhere across Google and YouTube, so make sure it looks good large and small.” YouTube recommends using an 800 x 800 pixel JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG file.
Pay attention to channel art: “Channel art is the banner across the top of your channel. It provides a great opportunity to really show off your channel’s personality! Channel art appears on all platforms where viewers can see your channel (TV, mobile, tablets, etc.) Upload an image that is at least 2560 x 1440 [pixels].”
For more information from YouTube on how to make your channel perform the best it possibly can, check out Creator Academy’s page on the topic.
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