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How to Improve Indexing Rate of Website in Google

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Hi Sir,

Can anyone suggest me, how to improve indexing rate of a website, Give me best suggestion for this, because I was worried for this for last 3 months.
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Hi buddy to get your content indexed faster you need to send more Google crawlers to your site which is achieved though dofollow backlinks.

Try #RSSSubmission. Use #YahooPipes, #FeedBurner to rewrite your feed and then submit it all over the internet.
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Choose the best indexing site and do indexing daily, if you do daily then obviously you can improve the indexing rate of website in Google.
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yes you can said this...
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It is important that as a part of community, make sure that you work on websites with good page rank associated to your niche.
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You can increase the crawling & indexing of your website by doing quality back linking of your website on regular basis.

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