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How to Increase CTC

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Hi Everyone, Am new to Adsense account for YouTube Channel. I have getting nearly 1k views per day. And also clicks n impressions are good. but earning will be so less wot can i do?
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On YouTube there is nothing you can do to increase Adsense CTR case you have very little control over ads.

Make sure to check all formats.

Overlay in-video ads
TrueView in-stream ads
Standard in-stream ads
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you need to get traffic your video to the western country like us/uk which is highly paying from those user who come from the us and uk.
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Focus on getting more views than the ctr , for most people it will be less or nearly equal to 1 %
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The first thing about increase your CTR is to remove clutter from your website.
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CTR is the nest way to earning more money and the best way is rank this websites as OffPage SEO.
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Cost to company (CTC) is a term for the aggregate compensation bundle of a representative, utilized as a part of nations, for example, India and South Africa. It demonstrates the aggregate sum of costs a business (association) spends on a worker amid one year.

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