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How to Increase CTC

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Hi Everyone, Am new to Adsense account for YouTube Channel. I have getting nearly 1k views per day. And also clicks n impressions are good. but earning will be so less wot can i do?
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On YouTube there is nothing you can do to increase Adsense CTR case you have very little control over ads.

Make sure to check all formats.

Overlay in-video ads
TrueView in-stream ads
Standard in-stream ads
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you need to get traffic your video to the western country like us/uk which is highly paying from those user who come from the us and uk.
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Focus on getting more views than the ctr , for most people it will be less or nearly equal to 1 %
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The first thing about increase your CTR is to remove clutter from your website.
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CTR is the nest way to earning more money and the best way is rank this websites as OffPage SEO.
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Cost to company (CTC) is a term for the aggregate compensation bundle of a representative, utilized as a part of nations, for example, India and South Africa. It demonstrates the aggregate sum of costs a business (association) spends on a worker amid one year.
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What you have to do is to do your best to maximize the CPC price, so that the adverts on your web pages and blog posts make you most money every time a visitor clicks on them. This involves getting Google to place the highest possible value adverts on your pages. You cannot decide the PPC of the published ads yourself – Google decides that based on several aspects of your web page/blog page/blog post.
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I also have adsense enable on my two youtube video and getting 200-300 views per day with 2.5- 4.5 CPM and 4 CTR. CTC depends on user's Contry. i got high CTC for Europe and USA.
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Place your ads carefully so that Google provides top CPC placements where your visitors are most likely to click, and. Work hard to maximize your CTR – the proportion of visitors to your site that click on your adverts can influence Google to give you the top-paying AdSense ads.

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