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How to Increase Domain Authority ?

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To increase domain authority:
1. Optimize your internal links.
2. Build content worthy links.
3. Link to high traffic website.
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increase domain authority you can post dofollow websites and high authority pages.
1.social bookmarking
2.forum posting
3.guest posting
4.blogger creation
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Follow these 7 steps that will help you gain a better DA score.

Publish Quality Content
On-Page SEO
Internal Linking Is Key
Generate High Quality Links
Disavow Bad Links
Let Your Domain Grow Old
Increase Publishing Frequency
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Linking Root Domains
Quality Content
Social Signals
Search Engine Friendliness
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Listing below the method by which you can increase DA and PA of a website :

1. Publish Quality Content

2. On-Page SEO

3. Internal Linking

4. Niche related backlinks

5. Let domain grow old

7. Publish more

Hope it helps.
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Publish actionable content in a blog. and update it regularly. automatically link bait will happen so that your traffic will increase without failing search engine guidelines. So that you can build good DA and PA.
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I believe increasing domain authority rely on how you improve your overall SEO efforts. In other words follow SEO guidelines and you'll improve not only your domain authority but your website as a whole.
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Before you go, here's a quick guide to check your domain authority and a checklist on how to increase domain authority. Don't forget to tick these off: Pick a domain name that is relevant to your niche. Optimize on-page SEO including your title tags, image alt tags, and the content.
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Pick a domain name that is relevant to your niche. Optimize on-page SEO including your title tags, image alt tags, and the content.
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Get back links from High PR website taht will be increase your website DA.
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Do-Follow and High Domain Authority site good for Increase Domain Authority.

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Its not just getting more backlinks into your website because its not the foundation to maximize sector power. It will take the time to be recognized.
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The tips on how to build domain authority :
1. Guest Blogging
2. Blog Commenting
3. Follow SEO Guidelines Properly
4. Writing Quality Content
5. Start Marketing Your Content
6. Interlinking Your Content
7. Social Bookmarking
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Increasing Domain Authority is a gradual process. So, what takes time, takes time.

One of the best practices to increase domain authority, I’ve worked on, is targeting the relevant and similar keywords with very low competition rather than targeting your primary keywords directly.

It’s because keywords with low competition may not have enough search volume, but ranking well for them can increase your chances to rank well for top-level keywords.

Once your website starts ranking well for very low competition keywords, the domain authority would start increasing. Hence, your website now has great chances to rank well for your primary keywords.
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Regular content posting & link building can increase DA of the site.
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The more quality contents on your website will let user stick to your website for more time and these users will become repeated users to visit on your website. Giving your website high value in the eyes of search engines. Plus if you are having good back links from high authority website gives a sense of being your website of high value.
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There are no any tactics to increase the DA of new website. DA of the website depends on some factors
1. Domain age
2. No. of backlink
3. Dofollow links etc.

(09-07-2017 03:43 AM)daica85 Wrote:  There are many factors that effect to the Domain authority, so that I think you should consider in these factors such as below

1. Optimize On-page SEO
2. High-Quality Content
3. High-Quality Backlinks
4. Website Speed
5. Profiles on Social Media

You can read the full article here: How to increase Domain Authority?

Hope this helps!

I do agree.

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