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How to Increase Google Crawl Rate Rapidly ?

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My site is very new and my crawl rate graphs are too low,How to increase the crawl rate ?
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If you don't update your content regularly Google will crawl less frequently.

Try submitting sitemap.
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Submit your site on various sites to get quality back links, specially do directory submissions. add quality content, update your sitemap and fetch and render through webmaster to know the google about your activity.
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One can use the following to Increase Google Crawl Rate Rapidly
1. Share Your New Contents on Google+
2. Maintain A Regular Posting Frequency
3. Make Your Site More ‘Crawlable’
4. Build ‘High Quality’ Links to Your Site
5. Try to Get Social Shares
6. Unlinked Mentions & Co-citations Helps
7. Post Unique Content
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try to share your website link in all social media sites which brings more traffic and not only ones share leave just share everyday which the different sub urls of the website with the attractive images. Alternatively build backlinks for website by using SEO off page techniques

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