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How to Increase Quantity of Back links for website?

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What are the best activities to increase the number of back links fast. I am working for some websites from last 3 months and there is no single back link for those websites.
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The best way however it's not easy is to publish some really interesting content what will get a ton of comments and social media shares, likes and +1s.

The other method involves buying backlinks on some SEO Marketplace.

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The best activities to increase the no of back links are to submit your site on those back links giving site which have high DA & PA. This will surely increase the quality of back links of your site.
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Here are some best practices to build backlinks for your website.

1. Internal Links:
With a good internal linking structure, you can help users easily navigate through your website and increase the overall user experience. Internal links passes link juice.

2. Guest Blogging:
Guest blogging is the most effective way to reach new audiences. By publishing articles on other popular websites, you'll get your content in front of new readers.

3. Promote your content: Promote your best content on social media platforms.

4. Infographics:
Sharing Infographics is an effective way for bringing traffic to your website and gaining valuable backlinks. They are easy to understand. Infographic with quality content may go viral.

5. Images:
Sharing images on image sharing sites(pinterest, instagram, flikr) is another good way for gaining backlinks. Images are important for building a natural and effective back-link profile.

6. backlinks through social networking sites:
Make profiles on popular social networking sites. You can get valuable backlinks from there.
Some social networking sites:
Scoop it
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It will always be the content that will drive traffic on your website, but you can still do forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, or creating a resource page on popular website.
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submit your site high domain page authority and high page rank sites
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Check Alexa and DA of a specific site before building any link.
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Link building has always been important. You have so many options for creating back links for your website and increase it's PageRank. The backlink energizer can help you to achieve this by getting the highest quality back links to increase your ranks in the search engines. This article will explain to you about back links and how to use them in your business.
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The best way to increase your backlink is to provide quality content.
As natural backlink is very useful link for your website and Google consider those website in TOP of SERP.

For getting natural backlink you need to provide user friendly and unique content.

You can also use blogging for getting backlinks for your website

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Hello Dear

Build backlink for your site post unique content many organic seo activity like guest blogging,social bookmarking,ppt submission,document submission etc.

Note : Only Post Do-Follow and High Domain Authority Site.
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Create quality back links your site.
You can post unique content in your site.
It is used only Do follow and High Domain Authority sites.
Upload the video and image on social networking site.
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That's really bad to increase number of links in short time even if there are quality link.

Don;t do like that, when ever Google update there Penguin algorithm at that time your site will hit.

Keep some time while building quality links for your site.
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For this you will have to start from starting you will have to manage all the links and make a sheet in which you will have all the data of websites from where the links are coming like DA,PA, PR, IP of the website.
And make a strategy to make future links on different places and make link in diversity and make links in a proper niche.
My name is Stev John And I work for a web design & development company which also gives SEO services in India
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You can increase the quantity of the Links for the website by doing regular link building activities.
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Some of the common ways of building links include article submissions, blog commenting, forum posting, bookmarking submissions, directory submissions, social media promotions, etc. All these techniques will help you build backlinks but the quality is in your hand. Quality depends on your personal research. So go safe.
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You can surely increase your ranking by
Citations sites listing
Social bookmarking
Blog commenting
Profile creation
Article submission
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do forum and blog cmnd you will get more backlink

Google this topic

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