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How to Index a Page in Google

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Hi Friends,

I have some issues on my website. Some of the pages are not indexed by Google. So I am here to get help from best SEO persons.
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Check your Sitemap and Robots.txt file again which is submitted to google search console again
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A website or app

1. Add your URL – Submit your website for admittance in Google's index.
2. App ample – Get your app indexed by Google.
3. Look Console – Submit a Sitemap of your website to Google.
4. Structured abstracts – Label your structured agreeable to advice users acquisition pages accordant to their search.
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create google webmaster account and submit to sitemap xml that's enough
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Add all webpages in your xml sitemap and submit it on Google Webmasters Tool for indexing all your webpages. It helps to search engine crawler to find and index your webpages easily..
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Although we index billions of webpages and are constantly working to increase the number of pages we include, we don't guarantee that we'll crawl all of the pages of a particular site. Google doesn't crawl all the pages on the web, and we don't index all the pages we crawl. It's perfectly normal for not all the pages on a site to be indexed. By Google Itself.
Check the following:
- Google may have indexed your page under a different version of your domain name. For example, if you receive a message that http:// example.com is not indexed, make sure that you've also added http://www. example.com to your account (or vice versa), and check the data for that site.

- If your site is new, it may not be in our index because we haven't had a chance to crawl and index it yet.
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Create or Update Social Profiles
Share Your New Website Link
Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
Submit Website URL to Search Engines
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Create a sitemap & submit a copy to Google Webmaster. Fetch the link in Webmaster. Share the link to social platforms.
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