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How to Monitor Backlinks?

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How to monitor backlinks of a website?
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You might definitely want to check SimilarWeb and SEMRush. The latter is extremely helpful while doing a keywords analysis and finding both organic and paid keywords your competitors are using.

For social media monitoring, I’d recommend having a look at Brand24. Upon creating a new project, you get to choose whether you want to monitor a brand/company, sales leads, a topic or your competitors.
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if you are checking for your own site use search console,for competitor site use ahrefs it provides more organic data
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google search console will help you to get back links
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Hi, monitoring backlink means analyzing the worth of keyword filtering bad and good backlink for the website, you can use tools like Google webmaster (free) or Ahrefs (Paid)
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Learn where your links are coming from.
Determine the authority of the sites linking to you.
Monitor your link velocity.
Pay attention to the number of dofollow vs nofollow links.
See which pages your backlinks are pointing to.
Optimize your anchor text.
Add backlink monitoring to your SEO routine.
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google search console will help you to get back links
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The best way to monitor your backlinks is Google Webmaster Tool

Step 1. Login to your Google Webmaster Tool

Step 2. Select your Website to monitor.

Step 3. On the left hand side select option Search Traffic

Step. 4 Select option Links to your Site.

Google this topic

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