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How to Password Protect a Directory with .htaccess?

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I have been looking for how to protect website directory with the password but just can't understand how to make it work, you you please explain how to create username and password?
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It's very easy, follow these steps.

Open notepad and past the code below and save as .htaccess

AuthType Basic  
AuthName "1"  
AuthUserFile 2
require valid-user

In the code above you see 1 and 2

1. Replace with the message that will be displayed to the users. Like "Restricted Area"

2. Replace with the path to the directory where this file is stored .htpasswd. If the file is stored in private directory then enter: /private/.htpasswd

Now we have to create .htpasswd file that will contain our username and password.

Important! Password has to be (MD5) encrypted. The entry should look like this, one username and password per line: victor:12yJ.Of/NQ.Pk

victor is username and 12yJ.Of/NQ.Pk is password.

You can use this tool: .htpasswd Username & Password Generator
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Got is working thanks for such an easy tutorial.
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Maya the tool you posted is not generating correct MD5 Hash password! Try his one: http://www.htaccesstools.com/htpasswd-generator/

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