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How to Sell Easily Through Classified Ads Websites

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Internet penetration has made it easier to reach more buyers all over the world. Online traffic offers a perfect opportunity to sell any goods or services. Starting your own website may take time and might not attract the amount of traffic that will lead to good sales. There are free classified ads websites that are recognized as market places where target buyers and sellers are found. Because there exist a large number of such sites, it is important to identify the one that will deliver the best results. Here are tips on how to select the best site to post your ads.

Home Page
The home page welcomes visitors and gives an impression of what to expect. Select a site that is welcoming and easy to use. User friendly sites entice visitors to spend more time browsing. This increases the possibility of checking your ad and making an enquiry. Information available on other pages should be highlighted on the landing page for the visitor to click.

Businesses, goods and services are organized for easy recognition and access. The best free ad websites provide categories to aid sellers when placing the ad and buyers when selecting their items. This will eliminate the haphazard search that is unlikely to deliver results. A disorganized website will discourage a buyer and reduce visibility of your business, goods or services. Besides categorization, a search option should be provided. A buyer may be uncertain of the category a particular product is listed. By entering a name at the search section, all items that match the search will pop up.

seo Friendly
This is a feature that enables the site to appear top when searched on different engines. Clients click on websites that are ranked higher on different search engines. This means that more people will see your product or services and make enquiries or eventually buy.

Optimized for Different Platforms
There are different internet devices available to buyers. They include PCs, tablets and mobile , among others. Classified ads websites that are only optimized for one platform are restrictive. Select a portal that is open to different devices without limiting the features that the buyer can utilize. Other platforms that should be considered are the operating systems. The classified ad portal you select should be accessible on android, iOS and other operating systems.

Friendly URLs
The URL says a lot about the website and should never be ignored. It tells buyers about the site even before reading or exploring the content. It is important in ranking before receiving the boost of key words and other seo features. The URL of the site you post the classified ad should be indicative of the services offered. It should stand out and entice online traffic when viewed alongside others in a similar category.

Visitors will only return to a site if they feel that their details are secure. Security means that their personal details are not compromised through third party sharing. This information is provided at the terms and conditions section of the website. The website makes the visitors to feel confident when browsing for goods and services.

With such features, you are guaranteed success selling goods, services or advertising your business.
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Thanks buddy for this interesting article keep it coming!

Classified Ads are the best and the easiest way to do marketing and if you have stuff to buy, sell or trade then it's great! The problem is that you need to create a ton of them to increase the chance of at least some of them get found by folks interesting in them as there are some many of them!
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Classified ads are part of the marketing/advertising so sure they work! But there are man factors that influence the results. Like the most common one is the impressions. It doesn't matter if you use PPC or classifieds you need your add to show have a ton of impression if not then don't waist you time and money!

Thanks buddy for posting this article I am loving it Smile

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I have using classified ads and can testify that they really work!
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What do you mean by Securities?
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thanks a lot for such comprehensive information!
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Thank you for sharing. Do you have classified ads website lists?
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Classified SEO ads really useful for blogs, startups, small businesses, individuals and companies that are trying to build their exposure and increase their revenue online.
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Below are the Classified Ads Website.


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if site's like Craigslist then selling becomes easy.
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Good to know. Do you have any website suggestions which are good to use for CL postings.
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1. Featured Ads
This is one of the simplest ways to monetize a classifieds website. Normally, a classifieds website will have an enormous number of users each posting many ads. Some of them might want to stand out and highlight their ads and they would be willing to pay a fee to get their ads distinguished from the rest.

Classifieds owners consider featured ads as one of the most effective ways to grab the reader’s attention. Thus, it makes complete sense to include that possibility in your website. Although you have to take into consideration the number of users you have on your classifieds website. Normally, users would like their ad to reach an interested user, and they prefer featuring their ads at a high traffic website. So, to get the classifieds website started you need a good SEO campaign, unless you already have a large client base or a unique idea!

2. Move Ads to Top (Special Placing)
Another way to stand out is special placing ads, and in this case users will have their ads in a better position than similar ones. This way they would have a great advantage in reaching another interested user. Again, this is a good way to monetize your free classifieds website. But remember that you need a good base of users before starting to do that, or a good SEO campaign.

3. Advertising Banners
To improve your SEO and get money at the same time consider using advertising banners. Advertisers usually take good care of content; they tend to write unique product descriptions. Also, classifieds websites are attractive to advertisers. Targeting a specific group of people interests sellers.
Finally, having new ads appearing regularly would keep your page look fresh and up to date. There are many tools with which you could include ads in your website.

4. Pay to Post
With many free classifieds websites out there, it can be strange to ask a user to pay for something he could do for free somewhere else. But! you could charge for posting in the following cases:

– You are targeting a specific niche which no one else has access to.

– You already have a huge database of users coming regularly to your website.

– You have a category that you know will give a great benefit to your clients.

– And any creative reason you could think of.

We added the possibility of specifying a category in which you could charge on posting as explained in our previous “How to” post.

5. Affiliates Links
If your classifieds website is specific to a certain niche, you can sign an agreement with interested sellers. Then you can have a certain page on your website and sell their products. And you could can agree on certain terms, for example:

Pay per traffic conversion.
A monthly fee just to have their link there.
Getting a commission by offering coupons for their products.
6. Premium Membership
You can give some features to your users for a monthly fee. And here you can be as creative as you want, there are no limits except for development time Smile . Some simple ideas I found for premium memberships offered features:

– Give some featured/move to top ads

– Give a credit for posting in pay-to-post categories

– Simply be able to post in your website

– Monthly/yearly subscriptions

– Discounts on any feature

I hope this article was helpful. Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below or post a suggestion on how to make money with a classifieds website.
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Wow, thank you for the full detail. Long before I thought that the ads can be placed at every place. But your post have changed my mind lol thanks.
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Categorized ads are portion of the marketing/advertising so sure they work! But there are man aspects that impact the outcomes. Like the most typical one is the opinions.
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Good Saying Interesting Article. I Like it. Keep it up again.
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Classified ads always plays a huge role in increasing local presence of the website. With good classified ads and banners, you can get maximum exposure.
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The concept of classified ads is to communicate with people, so that they can view the ad.
If the presence of ad is attractive and effective customer either buy the content which have been posted or visit the website.

Key Points
Ads and Banner must be attractive so customer can catch easily.
Ads designed according to defined objective(e.g. Selling Second-Hand HP laptop)
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Just by submitting the ads in the local classifieds website.
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I think an effective way to increase your sells is using copywriting.

Google this topic

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