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How to Start SEO on a New Website ?

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Hello Friends,

I would like to know that How to Start SEO on a New Website ?
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You should start on the #OnSiteSEO first. It's a good idea to have your #OnPageSEO done before submitting site for indexing you know first impression counts.
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First preference is to add as much as onpage factors possible(sometime platform also matters)(content optimization, Title/meta description, <h tags> implementation, internal linking, webmaster/analytics setup, SEO friendly layout, using robot file, sitemap and many more things to update.
Don't forget to social share counter button if you can drive traffic towards your site

Once you had SEO friendly site then it became easy to rank better!
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Step1: Website analysis find out all the errors and changes need to optimize.
Step 2: Start On page
Keyword research
Meta tags optimization
Heading tags optimization
Alt tags optimization
Robots file
website speed
analytics and webmaster installation

Step3: Off page
Blog sharing
local listing
guest posting
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Begin with On-Page SEO techniques first such as keyword research, content writing then implement Off-Page SEO techniques.
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keyword research + competitor analyzer + content the content is the king + building back links
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Key Points:-

1.Start your title tag with your target keyword, then describe what users should expect when they click through to your website.
2.Avoid stuffing keywords into your title tag. ...
3.Keep your title tag under 60 character (55 is recommended) so that Google doesn't truncate it due to excessive length.
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First of all, you need to d on-page SEO for your website then you need to implement off-page activities on your website.
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Do On Page Seo First
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Conduct some research on the internet the best way to learn is through reading, you can visit MOZ for introduction. Go for search engine land, search engine watch, etc for the latest update.
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you can start new website from on page
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If you use wordpress for your website, install YOAST SEO and follow its instruction. You'll have a post with SEO onpage.

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